Ukraine-Russia war live: World ‘dangerously close to nuclear accident’ amid UK missile strike on Moscow military HQ

The UN nuclear watchdog chief has said the world is ‘dangerously close to a nuclear accident’ as he confirmed three more attacks against the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) since 7 April.

“These reckless attacks must cease immediately,” the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief, Rafael Mariano Grossi, told the UN Security Council. “Though, fortunately, they have not led to a radiological incident this time, they significantly increase the risk… where nuclear safety is already compromised,” he said.

“We are getting dangerously close to a nuclear accident. We must not allow complacency to let a role of the dice decide what happens tomorrow,” he said.

On the war front, Ukraine has used long-range British cruise missiles to attack a Russian military base deep inside occupied territory.

The military base is located within an industrial complex in southern-central Luhansk, eastern Ukraine. The extent of the damage is unclear.

The British Storm Shadow missiles were launched by Ukrainian aircrafts at a command base for Russian troops over the weekend, but it was not specified until today which weapons were used.

The same missiles have played a key role in Ukraine’s long-range attacks on Vladimir Putin’s prized Black Sea fleet in occupied Crimea.

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