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Madbouly: We aim to control the agricultural fertilizer distribution system and provide the needs of the local market

Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly confirmed on Wednesday that the government is working to advance the efforts of the agricultural fertilizer industry to meet the needs of the local market, increase export opportunities, as well as working to achieve control over the fertilizer distribution system to serve the interests of farmers.


This came during the meeting held by the Prime Minister today to follow up on the position of the agricultural fertilizer production and distribution system in the presence of the Ministers of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Engineer Tariq Al-Mulla, the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Mr. Al-Qusair, and the Business Sector, Engineer Mahmoud Esmat, and a number of officials.



Madbouly stressed the need to carefully review the actual cultivated areas, as well as determine future expansions, to determine the actual quantities of fertilizers required for the local market so that it is possible to determine the quantities that can be exported to ensure maximum benefit from the export quantities.


For his part, the Minister of Agriculture presented a report on the nitrogen fertilizer distribution system, as it is the subsidized type of fertilisers, pointing to the efforts to implement a system to tighten control over the circulation of subsidized fertilizers to ensure Fertilizers arrive from production factories to the various distribution outlets in all governorates.


Al-Qusayr also presented the position of supplying subsidized fertilizers from fertilizer companies to the Ministry of Agriculture and touched on the position of disbursing fertilizers to farmers through the card system. The farmer according to the fertilizer decisions for the planted crops and the actual inventory of the crops… pointing to the discipline of disbursing the fertilizer decisions through the application of the “Farmer Card” system.

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