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The Minister of Culture and the Governor of South Sinai inspect the development work of the summer theater in Al-Tur

Dr. Nevin Al-Kilani, Minister of Culture, met with Major General Khaled Fouda, Governor of South Sinai, this afternoon, Wednesday, in the city of Tur Sinai, to discuss a number of cultural and artistic projects in the governorate, and to find out the latest developments in the development of the summer theater in the city, in the presence of Amr Al-Basiouni, Chairman of the General Authority. For the Palaces of Culture.


The Minister of Culture and the Governor inspected the work of developing and raising the efficiency of the Summer Theater in Al-Tur, where the Minister of Culture directed that the development work of the theater be quickly completed in preparation for its opening in a major celebration during the coming period so that it will be A cultural beacon for the people of Sinai and achieves the goals and programs of cultural justice of the Ministry.


The tour included an overview of the development work at the theater, and other buildings and service halls, as the theater, after its development, includes a hall for plastic arts and folk arts. And an administrative building, a VIP hall, a hall for seminars and lectures, a literature and women’s club, a building for children’s activities, a permanent outlet for selling publications of cultural palaces, and a building for public services and operational services for the site. The development included remediation work, structural strengthening, and the development of existing buildings on the site, among others.


The Minister of Culture also inspected the Tur Sinai Culture Palace, and directed the Minister to raise the efficiency of the palace’s winter theater in preparation for receiving the “People’s Cinema” project. During the tour, an artistic performance was presented by the two spontaneous groups in Tur Sinai, which She performed a group of heritage songs, in addition to an artistic performance by the Children’s Popular Arts Band, and inspected an exhibition of Bedouin crafts and Sinai products.


The Minister of Culture praised the constructive cooperation with the South Sinai Governorate, for providing cultural and artistic services. For the people of the governorate, she stressed that the Ministry is always seeking to develop the content provided to the public, and to develop cultural sites to provide a work environment that supports the discovery and care of talented people and to provide services that achieve the comprehensive sustainable development plans of the Egyptian state, which pays special attention to the cultural aspect.

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The Minister of Culture referred to the Ministry’s plans to operate mobile libraries in the Sinai valleys and Bedouin communities to provide cultural services to every place in the dear land of Sinai.


For his part, the Governor of South Sinai presented Thanks to the Minister of Culture for her keenness to follow up on the progress of work on cultural projects in the governorate, praising the cooperation between the governorate and the ministry, which has resulted in many cultural events recently, and stressed that the opening of the summer theater in Al-Tour will represent a milestone event for the cultural and artistic movement in the governorate, and will receive major celebrations and many artistic programmes.

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