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According to TASS news agency, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi made a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin today, Wednesday, to discuss the deteriorating situation in the Middle East. This is the first public statement by the Russian President after the Iranian attack on the night of April 13 against the Zionist entity in occupied Palestine. 


The Iranian President stressed during the phone call that Tehran’s response to Tel Aviv complies with international law, and thanked Moscow for taking a constructive stance against Israel’s aggressive actions against the Iranian consulate in Damascus on April 1.

In addition, Raisi expressed great appreciation for the Russian government’s diplomatic efforts to prevent What Iran called “the conspiracy orchestrated by the United States and some Western countries in the United Nations Security Council.”


For his part, the Russian President condemned Israel’s aggressive actions against the Iranian consulate. He considered that this measure contravenes all international standards and rules.

He added, “What Iran did, in response to the Israeli violation in the absence of any action by the UN Security Council, is the best way to punish the other party for the aggression and show “Ingenuity and reasonableness in actions.” Of Iranian politicians" – Mehr News Agency quoted Putin as saying in a bilateral phone call.

The Russian President strongly criticized the actions of the United States and some Western countries in raising regional tensions.

Putin said: "We believe that Iran It is one of the basic pillars that serve regional stability and security.

It is worth noting, according to Reuters News Agency, that during the phone call also, Raisi told his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, that the Iranian attack on Israel on the night of April 13 was on a “limited” scale. And Tehran does not wish to escalate the situation further.


In response, Putin expressed his hope that all parties concerned would show a reasonable amount of restraint, thus preventing the risk of An explosive confrontation, which could cause “catastrophic consequences for the entire region.”


Putin and Raisi agreed that the root cause of instability in the Middle East is the unresolved conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.



In this regard, both Russia and Iran support an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, alleviating the difficult humanitarian situation, and preparing The conditions for reaching a political-diplomatic solution to stabilize the current crisis.

Unveiling the first strike against Tehran


In the context of Israel’s plans for revenge against Iran, MP said Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko said that the Russian embassy in Tehran took into account all security risks related to the possibility of Israel attacking Iran in retaliation.


Rudenko said: “Our embassy in Tehran always takes all necessary measures to ensure security. And I’m sure the current risks have been taken into account as well.”

However, it is unlikely that the first strike against Tehran will come from Israel. 

According to the Associated Press, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said, in her response to reporters on Tuesday The administration of US President Joe Biden is preparing for new sanctions against Iran after the Iranian attack on the night of April 13.


Yellen refused to reveal the tools that the United States will use in the new sanctions package, But she noted that “all options to prevent Iranian financing activities will continue to be considered.” Yellen said: “The Treasury Department will not hesitate to work with our allies to use our sanctions authority to disrupt Iran’s destabilizing activities.” ;


Iran and its proxies stressed the importance of the Treasury Department using our economic tools to confront Iran’s activity.

According to US Secretary Janet Yellen, new sanctions may be implemented against Iran in the coming days. 


She said that the US Treasury could do more to prevent Iran’s ability to export oil despite the sanctions.

On the other hand, leaders of the European Union, which includes 27 member states, will be in Brussels from April 17 to 18 to attend a special meeting of the European Council.

According to Politico newspaper, the reason for calling it the Special Council is that the Union’s leaders This time, the European Union will discuss the Iranian attack on Israel and the Middle East issue, in addition to new developments in relations between Ukraine and the European Union.

European Union Foreign Policy Coordinator Josep Borrell said that many European Union member states requested the expansion of sanctions against Iran in response to Tehran’s attack on Israel, and the bloc’s diplomatic mission will begin implementing this proposal.

Borrell said: "I will send it to the European Union External Action Service and request that the necessary work related to these sanctions be initiated"


European Union officials revealed that the new proposal will further expand sanctions to limit Iran’s supply of drones and missiles to Russia, as well as to the Arab resistance loyal to Tehran in the Middle East. p>


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