A resident of Voronezh was sentenced to a colony for his last word at another trial

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The Second Western District Military Court sentenced Voronezh resident Andrei Biryukov to four years in prison on charges of justifying terrorism and inciting hatred against government officials. The reason for initiating the case was the last word that Biryukov said during a court of appeal hearing in another criminal case about the justification of terrorism and calls for extremism, where he was an accused.

How reports telegram channel “Free People of Voronezh”, in his last word Biryukov called Russia an illegal “Putin’s fascism” and “an enraged fascist gas station.” He called Ukraine’s attack on the Crimean bridge to annexed Crimea “a fair and necessary sabotage.”

“Any actions against him are not terrorist attacks, but are a necessity, so I do not just passively justify, but actively promote any terrorist actions against state military facilities of the Russian Federation,” Biryukov said during his speech.

In the first case of justifying terrorism and calls for extremism, in November 2022, the Second Western District Military Court sentenced Biryukov to three and a half years in prison and a ban on administering websites.

Then the activist was convicted for two messages on social networks, OVD-info reported. In the first, on VK, he wrote that he does not object to terrorist acts “against government agencies and the so-called ‘innocent’ Russians.” The second accusation was related to the status he posted on VK: “Death to Russia. Death to Russia.”

Along with the new sentence, Biryukov will have to spend six years in prison. notes channel “Present Time”. It is known about the activist that he graduated from Voronezh State University with a degree in metal physics, worked as a copywriter and participated in opposition and anti-war protests.

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