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Emmanuel Moire in turn leaves Paris and buys himself a house: where to live?

For some time, anonymous people and stars have been fleeing Paris. This is now the case of singer and actor Emmanuel Moire, who has just revealed his departure from the capital. But where to go instead?

More and more people are abandoning the capital to seek greenery, peace but also more space. And too bad if this distance from the heart of French show business has an impact on their careers. This is now the case for Emmanuel Moire, who no longer considers Paris as “the place to be“. The artist, who now marks his big return to music after 5 years of absence with the single Be a manis ready to conquer a new audience, but also a new home!

That affected my creativity “: Paris, a burden for the artist?

Between the noise and the constant excitement, it’s difficult to see clearly and find inspiration when the environment hardly invites calm and serenity. After his last album Odyssey, the singer of the hits Beautiful misfortune And I make you my essential needed to find himself. Translation: Emmanuel Moire moved to give himself a fresh start on all fronts. He is not the first show business personality to settle down elsewhere: Pierre Niney, Alessandra Sublet, Zazie… many stars live in the provinces.

This Sunday, April 14, he spoke of this need and to justify his musical absence in the show Children of TV on France 2. “I didn’t necessarily have any projects to present. I think it’s like everyone else, since 2020, we’ve had a few years that have been a bit shaken up, my creativity has been shaken up, my life as a man too, as a result , I wanted silence”, confided the former musical comedy star The sun King. A silence that the 44-year-old singer found far from Paris. “In Paris, I felt oppressed by this frantic race. I couldn’t unplug, it affected my creativity,” can we also read in the pages of the newspaper Release.

Where does Emmanuel Moire live today?

However, it was not far from Paris, in Île-De-France, that Emmanuel Moire found refuge. The singer now lives in a house that seems to fit him like a glove. Enough to rekindle the flame for writing and compose future hits! “He was able to find his piano which was not housed in the Parisian apartment and above all he set up a space to compose, record his voice, prepare his future titles“, specifies the newspaper.

Emmanuel Moire, who is still single and has not yet met the right partner with whom to have a child project, also confided to M Radio that an album will be released at the end of the year followed by a tour in 2025 which will delight its loyal and new fans. We wish him every success.

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