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Arriving early on 24 April, our Full Moon is at its fullest point at 9:48am AEST.

Falling in the Water sign of Scorpio, this Moon is known as the Pink Moon. The name is not a reference to the colour of the Moon at this time, rather it refers to the surrounding seasonal events. The name is derived from colonial American and some native American sources, that named this event for the bright pink flowers that came into bloom at roughly the same time as the Moon was full.


What to expect from this moment?

Full Moons represent the energetic peak of the Moon Cycle. It’s why emotions can run high around this time. But this is also a time of enlightenment. Full Moons have a way of bringing things to the surface, whether that’s the cracks in a friendship or simply hurt feelings that you’ve been bottling up for weeks. Of course, this can be intense and exhausting, but at the same time, it offers us the opportunity to purge the things that don’t serve us. Now is the time to let go of the feelings, grudges and pains that don’t serve you, so you can step into the rest of the month with a lighter soul.

Remember, Full Moons are also the point during a lunation when the seeds of your manifestations could be ready for harvest. If you have devoted mental energy and intention into a new project, this is a great time to check in and see how it’s going. Scan your inbox for replies if you’ve been applying for new roles, new matches might appear on your dating app and you might have made your first sale on a side hustle.

We should remember that this Moon comes to us in Scorpio. As much as our Scorpios like to talk tough, at their core, they are still Water signs. They are deeply emotional beings who tend to feel the weight of the world more deeply than others. This will be the core theme of this Moon. The Moon rules our inner selves, so do not be surprised if you feel particularly pensive and even experience a sense of melancholia, especially when you’re alone.


How to approach this Full Moon in Scorpio

You will need patience and space for self care during this Full Moon. The Scorpio influence here will already leave us feeling raw, but it is compounded by the aspect to the Sun and Pluto. This Moon forms an angry square with Pluto, while also opposing the Sun in Taurus. The resulting t-square, will be a rough one to bear.

Opposition aspects aren’t always a bad thing, when the planets and signs can find a way to complement each other. Unfortunately, Taurus and Scorpio can sometimes be too similar. Both these embody persistence (aka stubbornness) and neither will want to give in during this emotional tug-o-war. With both the ruler of our outer selves (the Sun) and the ruler of our inner selves (the Moon) locked in a struggle, it is a particularly inopportune time for these bodies to be squaring off against Pluto, the great architect of transformation.

This aspect has the propensity to pressurise the most important aspects of your life. It will catch at the sleeve of the positive changes you’re trying to make. It could make your emotional moments feel even more explosive. All in all, you may feel as though you’re about to burst at any moment. Remember, you will need to be kind to yourself. And even though you will feel inclined to stand your ground (thanks to three planets in Taurus) and dig in your heels, you will need to think long and hard about whether holding onto stubbornness will serve you. Nine times out of ten, it only causes more harm.

It is not all doom and gloom however. We also have the influence of the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Taurus, arguably one of the luckiest planetary aspects in the astrological calendar. If you want the full benefit of this event, you will need to make space for luck to come to you. Remember to make your own destiny.

To see how these influences will impact your sign, head to our April horoscopes.


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