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"fly Dubai" It adjusts its flight schedule for April 19

Dubai, April 18 / WAM / Flydubai announced that it has modified its flight schedule for tomorrow (April 19), and some flights have been cancelled.

A company spokesman said, “We advise passengers to check the status of their flight before they go to the airport. We are working hard to minimize any impact on our passengers’ travel plans and are coordinating with all parties at the airport.”

The company explained that its operational flights are still suffering from some delays, noting the necessity of checking the flight status on the company’s website before departing to the airport.

She indicated that passengers whose reservations were canceled have been notified to receive a full refund of the ticket price.

The company also advised travelers who booked through a travel agent to contact the travel agent directly regarding options for refunding the ticket or rebooking.

It stated that passengers with connecting flights will not be accepted to travel from their destination point until further notice.

The carrier again advised that travel procedures be completed online before heading to the airport, and that all additional time be given to the trip to the airport and that the route be carefully planned.

She explained that the airport will be very crowded, so please arrive early before your flight.

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