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Francky Vincent bought a castle in Picardy with his wife! A “very good deal”

Francky Vincent celebrates his 68th birthday this April 18! And it is perhaps in Picardy that the King of Zouk will celebrate his birthday, since he bought a castle there in which he resides with his future wife…

Did you know ? Francky Vincent is a squire! The singer, who celebrates his 68th birthday on April 18, acquired a building located in Sinceny, in Aisne, where he has been living with his future wife, Aziza, 21 years his junior, for several years. The interpreter of Passion fruit spoke about castle life with France Sunday

Francky Vincent: his castle in Picardy… “We are still under construction”

Francky Vincent is now the happy owner of a castle in Picardy. “I bought this castle located in a village in Aisne with Aziza, my partner, on impulse. I’m at peace there”, he explained to France Sunday. But as is often the case, this old building requires its share of renovations which can sometimes be painful. “The restoration of this large building takes us a lot of time. We are still under construction”he clarified.

Despite everything, the artist does not let himself be discouraged by the work and finds many advantages in living a castle life! “It’s the ideal setting to indulge in painting, my other passion. And I’m also quite busy sewing because I customize clothes“, added the one who describes himself as a “erotic poet“.

Francky Vincent did a “very good deal”

Francky Vincent named this place “holly castle“, since it is the main theme of the decoration. “During the first confinement, we went to Spain, to Girona, but we changed direction and decided to escape urban planning. We came across this estate, with an outbuilding and a large plot of land“, told the singer born in Pointe-à-Pitre, to the Parisian. At the time, this one made a “very nice deal“. A place made up of twelve rooms which can notably accommodate the children of the artist, father of four boys born from three different unions.

It is also the living environment, far from the hustle and bustle of Paris, which attracted Francky Vincent. “We also needed to settle in the countryside. I really like it there, we’re 5 minutes from everything. When I go shopping, I’m not in traffic jams. It’s another life“, he also confided to France 3 Regions.

If the king of Zouk is so happy in his castle, it is mainly because he resides there with his sweetheart, Aziza, with whom he plans to marry this year after seven years of love. “We’re going to try to have a showbiz wedding, with a lot of celebrities“, he assured France Sunday. This promises!

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