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Is Grey Hair Reversible? – Poosh

Once you go grey, you never go back … as they say? Maybe not! 

We’d like to start with the disclaimer that aging is a right and privilege. Fine lines of experience, gorgeous silver strands of time, we see you and appreciate you. But there are those who want a little more control on their side, and we see them too. 

After all, we can plump wrinkles, tighten and lift skin, and change our bodies with fitness or treatments, so the idea of reversing greys seems like it should be within reach. We tapped Wendy Iles, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Iles Formula to help us understand what’s happening when we begin to see grey hairs sprouting up. Sometimes, they pop up in a streak. Sometimes, they are sparse and wiry. Sometimes, they come early in life, and other times, much later, but suddenly. 

Any change in the way we are used to seeing ourselves can be jarring. 

Here’s what Wendy says:

“There are several factors that contribute to grey hair. Genetics, age, and stress are all commonly known factors. However, one of the biggest causes is now known to be environmental and lifestyle factors. Oxidative stress from free radicals related to pollution, exposure to certain chemicals, sun, smoking, and vitamin deficiencies all contribute to grey hair.”

Nutritional deficiencies are also a major culprit, which can occur with poor diet, certain chemotherapeutic drugs, and other unhealthy habits. Adequate amounts of protein, iron, and B12 are vital for healthy, vibrant hair.

The diligent care we take to protect our skin from aging must also be done to our hair. Live fast, die grey. Or “dye” trying, of course. But Wendy has made her life’s work between the locks of others, and her long-standing curiosity and research has uncovered some interesting wisdom.

“It is possible to delay the onset of grey hair by protecting the hair follicle from the aforementioned oxidative stresses,” she tells us.

She also explains that we can restore existing grey hair to our natural hair color by boosting melanin production within the hair follicle. One of her personal products, the Iles Formula Grey Delay Booster, accomplishes this through a proprietary blend meticulously designed by her team of scientists.

The most important thing is minimizing inflammation of the scalp and hair follicles. This involves not only hero products, but also stress reduction and a super healthy diet with plenty of protein. But although this attention to wellness detail has enormous rewards across the board, all these things work to delay greys. If grey hair is genetic, there’s no reversing what is preprogrammed within that person’s DNA.

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