Lorenzo ‘Lozzy’ Schiavello, son of Real Housewives of Melbourne star Lydia, jailed after vile abuse against an ex-girlfriend – and it’s not the first time

The son of former Real Housewives of Melbourne star Lydia Schiavello has been jailed after bombarding his former lover with vile abuse.

Lorenzo ‘Lozzy’ Schiavello, 29, was convicted and jailed for 28 days after pleading guilty at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court to a charge of using a carriage service to harass. 

His famous mother Lydia had starred on the Foxtel reality series alongside the likes of Jackie Gillies, Chyka Keebaugh, Janet Roach, Gamble Breaux, Gina Liano and Pettifleur Berenger.

It is not the first time Schiavello has been jailed for cowardly attacks on women. 

Lorenzo ‘Lozzy’ Schiavello tormented a woman who wanted nothing more to do with him 

He spent 14 days in prison in 2017 after he breached a community corrections order he received for stalking the same victim. 

Schiavello, a painter by trade, appeared stunned as he was made to leave his new fiancée Caitlin Holland-Symons in court and was escorted out by two guards. 

He had hoped to walk free yet again on another community corrections order.

But instead Magistrate James Henderson condemned him for his behaviour against women.

‘Mr Schiavello, you must know that women are not your possessions to be harassed and degraded when they do not reciprocate interest in you,’ he said. 

The court heard Schiavello began a hate campaign against his former girlfriend after she had given him another chance despite his last court appearance.

In 2015, Schiavello was branded a bully by a magistrate after he had posted nude photos of her on Facebook. 

Lorenzo 'Lozzy' Schiavello and his reality TV star mother Lydia Schiavello (right)

Lorenzo ‘Lozzy’ Schiavello and his reality TV star mother Lydia Schiavello (right)

Lorenzo 'Lozzy' Schiavello (left) at court during a 2015 appearance. He would be jailed two years later for breaching a 'get out of jail free' order

Lorenzo ‘Lozzy’ Schiavello (left) at court during a 2015 appearance. He would be jailed two years later for breaching a ‘get out of jail free’ order 

He hooked her back into his web in December 2022 after messaging her on Instagram.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, realised her mistake almost immediately.

‘I will never let you go again,’ Schiavello told her. ‘There is no one else for me. I will marry you. No one else will have you and you will be mine.’

The woman asked him to leave, kicking-off a campaign of hatred from her jilted lover. 

The court heard Schiavello began harassing her over Instagram, setting up multiple accounts to abuse and intimidate her. 

‘Regardless of that s*** f*** we had, you can come get the shoes I bought you,’ he wrote. 

When she attended a St Kilda party, Schiavello used another fake account to attack her. 

‘Hands down you’re a slut .. otherwise Happy New Year. You look pretty basic and you don’t belong in this crowd,’ he wrote. 

Lorenzo 'Lozzy' Schiavello and his new partner Caitlin Holland-Symons

Lorenzo ‘Lozzy’ Schiavello and his new partner Caitlin Holland-Symons

Caitlin Holland-Symons (left) supported Schiavello in court

 Caitlin Holland-Symons (left) supported Schiavello in court

Schiavello was arrested on January 14 last year and was initially charged with stalking.

The court heard Schiavello claimed to have been abused as a child after his father split from his reality-star mum when he was just six.

He further struggled through periods of drug abuse, using cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, LSD and methamphetamines. 

A forensic psychiatrist told the court Schiavello had a habit of treating women badly. 

‘Mr Schiavello has a history of pursuing former partners regardless of their wishes and has been oblivious or indifferent to their responses,’ she told the court. 

In sentencing, Mr Henderson said Schiavello deserved nothing less than an immediate jail term.

‘In my view the gravity of this offence and your personal circumstances mean that a custodial sentence is necessary to fulfil the purposes of sentencing,’ he said.

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