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Pesticide Residues launches a new service to facilitate its customers

Dr. Hend Abdullah, Director of the Central Laboratory for Analysis of Pesticide Residues and Heavy Metals in Food, said that the automated calling service, currently implemented in the laboratory, contributes to making it easier for customers and speeding up the completion of their work.

Abdullah added that Mr. Al-Quseir is a minister. Agriculture and Land Reclamation. He had given the start signal to work on this service during his visit to the factory, within the framework of the Ministry of Agriculture’s efforts for digital transformation and expanding the provision of electronic services to facilitate procedures for citizens and customers, in addition to the ongoing efforts of the factory  To develop its services and provide them with the highest possible quality. The laboratory director indicated that this service depends on updating the reception system with an automated pager system according to the type of service requested by the client, such as the client’s request to deliver a sample or receive a certificate as a result of an analysis or technical inquiry. Upon entering the laboratory, each client chooses the type of service he wants and obtains a number, and the clients wait. In a designated place until they hear their numbers, each customer goes to the window designated for the type of service requested according to the number he received. She explained that this service contributed to reducing congestion and providing regular services in a civilized manner and providing them quickly, thus achieving the required quality in providing services smoothly and conveniently to all the laboratory’s customers.


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