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Pope Tawadros: Ten thousand diseases caused by consanguineous marriage is painful and requires continuous awareness

Today, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II witnessed the launching activities of the Coptic Orthodox Church, through the Pontifical Office for Projects, a new awareness document on the dangers of consanguineous marriage, and the initiative that expresses it, which bears the slogan " Zagharouta – Let the joy be complete.


The document launching ceremony was also attended by a number of church pontiffs, priests, a number of officials, ambassadors, businessmen and public figures.

< img src=" Taking the initiative to reduce the chances of future generations being exposed to genetic diseases, by avoiding consanguineous marriage, which contributes to protecting the individual, family, and society from health, moral, and material problems in the future. Therefore, the initiative raised the slogan: “Egyptian family health = community health.”



During the meeting, two documentary films were shown that monitored the main features of the dangers of consanguineous marriage, and two lectures on genetic diseases resulting from consanguineous marriage, and psychological diseases resulting from this type of marriage, in addition to presenting the vision of the “Kamel Al-Zaghrouta” initiative. Its executive plan was presented by Dr. Nevin Al-Wahsh, advisor to the Pontifical Office for Projects for Initiatives and Awareness. 


Then the initiative’s partners signed a cooperation agreement to implement the initiative throughout the republic.


Then His Holiness the Pope delivered a speech at the beginning of which he welcomed the audience, offering thanks to everyone who contributed and supported the initiative, the Pontifical Office for Projects, its partners, and businessmen.




He pointed out that the church has two roles, the first of which is the spiritual role through which we seek to serve the children of the church so that they may have a share in heaven. It is the basic role of the church. 


The second is the social role. The church was founded in the first century AD, and since then it has not stopped serving society, as it has come to serve every human being. And every human being.


His Holiness praised the efforts made by the Egyptian government for the safety of society and its individuals, through many presidential actions and initiatives, praising the Decent Life Initiative.


He stressed that the Church, in the context of social responsibility, is concerned with education by establishing schools, and with health, as it establishes hospitals in Egypt and Africa in the name of Egypt, and also cares for relief in times of emergency crises.


His Holiness the Pope referred to statistics that reveal a dangerous number, which is that there are ten thousand diseases caused by consanguineous marriage, which is painful.


< p>His Holiness narrated an incident that occurred when the church adopted the issue of cochlear implantation for some cases (23 cases) and discovered at the time that all of these cases were children of close relatives.


He concluded by calling on all those present to Cooperate together to confront this problem and raise awareness about it.


At the end of the ceremony, His Holiness the Pope honored a number of successful models of economic empowerment, and some of the initiative’s supporters.

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