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Private life, controversy with Nolwenn Leroy, hair transplant, failed valves… everything you need to know

Happy birthday to Laurent Baffie! The TV and radio sniper celebrates his 66th birthday on April 18, 2024. From his career to his intimate life, here is everything you need to know.

Laurent Baffie was born on April 18, 1958 in Montreuil. Over the years, he became a comedian, radio and television host, author and theater director, actor… Here are his secrets.

Where does Laurent Baffie come from?

Son of a hairdresser, Laurent Baffie spent his childhood in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. He has harsh memories of his childhood because his mother was a victim of domestic violence: “My mother really came close to being there several times (..) The monster is also a little careful about his social life. He organizes his vent – ​​beating up his wife – and in front of people he still has self-control. He is very calculating, very wicked, very cunning“, he explains in the show Hello earthlings!

Not liking school, Laurent Baffie dropped out of school in fourth grade. He begins training as an accountant, but gives up. He does odd jobs: delivery boy, bartender, etc. When he became a holiday host, the future comedian discovered his passion for the stage and comedy.

Laurent Baffie’s debut in show business? Appearing in Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier’s variety shows! But his career really began in 1985: Laurent Baffie wrote sketches for Jean-Marie Bigard in the comedy show The Class from France 3. We then find him in hidden cameras for the show Everyone is nicepresented by Yves Lecoq.

In 1990, he created and hosted the show Go ahead, make us laugh on Fun Radio then will move to Europe 2. Laurent Baffie is also part of Philippe Bouvard’s cult show, The Big Heads. He will return to it later in Laurent Ruquier’s band.

We will subsequently find him in several radio shows on Skyrock, RTL, Europe 2, then Europe 1 or even Rire et Chansons with his famous show What is this mess ?

Laurent Baffie and Thierry Ardisson: a look back at their relationship

In 1976, Laurent Baffie made his first appearance on the show One out of five on France 2. Thierry Ardisson spots him on the radio and in this show. Seduced by her sharp humor and her repartee, he hires her in his show Double-dealing on France 2. After a stint on Canal +, he regularly participates in the broadcast of Children of TV presented by Arthur at that time (1996-2015) on TF1.

At the same time, Ardisson offered him a place in his team of Everybody talks about it (1996-2006) on France 2: the show was a great success, and Baffie became an essential Sniper character. 10 years later, the two men meet again on the show Hello earthlingson C8.

I only remember the positive. It was a period when we could say things, and then this collaboration with Thierry Ardisson, it was like Montaigne and La Boétie: “Because it was him, because it was me.” I wasn’t trained to do TV, neither was he. And we both found each other well and we were very lucky“, confided Laurent Baffie in an interview for Marianne.

Very critical of his role as a sniper, he adds: “Of the thousands of valves that I have made, I would take away around twenty, including those for Christine Angot and Jean-Hugues Anglade. But in general I kept my mouth shut about dramatic subjects..”

What are Laurent Baffie’s shows?

We find him in the theater as an actor, screenwriter and director in several plays: Sex, Shenanigans and General Knowledge, Toc Toc, That’s all, Bonobos, No filter, Miso soup, etc. The comedian also does one-man shows: Laurent Baffie is a bad kid, Laurent Baffie asks himself questions. His valves are also included in his numerous books.

Laurent Baffie also has a small career in cinema: he has played in several films such as The Target, Sexy Boys, The Dark Ages, The Keys to the Car that he made or Neuilly his mother, his mother. He was also the director and producer of the short film Hotdog.

Why was Laurent Baffie controversial with Nolwenn Leroy?

In September 2017, the Superior Audiovisual Council received numerous reports concerning a sequence of Laurent Baffie in the show Hello earthlings on C8. The video shows Baffie trying to hike up singer Nolwenn Leroy’s skirt. The comedian seems to be doing this for the audiences “ass, ass, ass”, he repeats.

Thierry Ardisson and Nolwenn Leroy, his friends, will defend him. “With my strong character, if I had felt attacked, I would have defended myself and elbowed him in the face. I would have done it with anyone else, but Laurent is indeed a friend, we have known each other for fifteen years and he has always been kind and respectful to me. And then, when we come to Ardisson, we know what we expect.” she explains to Parisian.

Nevertheless, Laurent Baffie made a point of apologizing a few days later on the show: “I would like to apologize to Nolwenn because, poor thing, she came to defend a wonderful album and we only talk to her about that. (…) Why shouldn’t we touch girls’ skirts? Because that brings back an extremely unpleasant image and I understand the girls who were shocked by That”.

What do we know about the private life of Laurent Baffie?

Committed for many years to the animal cause, he is running for the legislative elections in 2022, under the label of the animalist party. He will be eliminated in the first round. Married to Sandrine, Laurent Baffie has four children: Jérémy (born in 1986), Mélody (born in 1988), Benjamin (born in 1995) and Bastien (born in 2004).

Has Laurent Baffie had cosmetic surgery?

Recently he also made a Hair Transplant impressive. “I had done the whole thing, when I was sixty I had implants and bags under my eyes because it made me look tired. So when I did TV again people said ”Oh dear, we don’t recognize him, Oh dear, Baffie he had plastic surgery’. As if I had done the chest, the breasts, the cheekbones. Well no I just did the implants”, he explains on France 5.

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