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"Family development" It continues its efforts to provide the necessary support to senior citizens

Abu Dhabi, April 19 / WAM / The Family Development Foundation was keen to communicate with senior citizens and residents to check on them and their families and provide them with the necessary support, especially in light of the rainy weather that the country witnessed, to ensure their safety and to stand seriously by their side, based on its deep belief in their active role in the society.

Moza Ali Al Mazrouei, a social care specialist at the Family Development Foundation, said: Within the framework of the Foundation’s efforts aimed at enhancing the quality of life of senior citizens, and based on its vision, mission and areas of interest represented in supporting this important group in society and ensuring the provision of a decent, safe and stable life for them, service providers continue to “ Social Support” telephoned senior citizens and residents to check on them and their families and provide them with the necessary support in light of the weather condition that the country witnessed.

She added that the providers of the “social support” service provided to senior citizens and residents seek to provide social, emotional, and cognitive support and assistance to them according to their needs and requirements of their age stages, and develop a social follow-up plan that ensures periodic and continuous communication with them, through a qualified staff that seeks to provide the necessary support to enable them to perform life functions. Daily.

She continued: The Family Development Foundation aims, through the “Social Support Service,” to facilitate the access and access of senior citizens to the services provided by the state according to their needs and requirements, in addition to early detection of senior citizens who are most vulnerable to risks and providing them with appropriate protection.

A number of senior citizens and residents who benefited from the “Social Support” service praised the efforts of the Family Development Foundation and its constant keenness to care for them and meet their needs to achieve community cohesion and enhance their quality of life throughout the year, especially in light of these times and circumstances that the country has witnessed.

Father Hamad Al Muhairi extended his sincere thanks and gratitude to the Family Development Foundation for its constant communication with senior citizens and checking on them and their families, especially in these times, and for its continuous care and support in meeting all their needs.

The mother, Mira Al Nuaimi, praised the efforts of the Family Development Foundation in enhancing the quality of life of senior citizens. She said: The Foundation pays great attention to senior citizens and residents, and constantly provides all forms of psychological, social and health support to them. The Foundation has contacted us to ask questions about us and check on each family member and to confirm that the necessary support is provided to us in the weather conditions that the country has experienced.

The mother, Fatima Al-Sheikh, said that the Family Development Foundation’s support for us and its constant communication with us strengthened our confidence and reassurance, especially in times like these, stressing that the communication of the “Social Support” service team to check on their conditions and health and provide assistance to them brought joy and happiness to their souls.

The mother, Zainab Ahmed, praised the efforts of the Permanent Family Development Foundation to provide them with all forms of support, especially this good initiative that came at this time and carries with it many meanings of loyalty and community cohesion.

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