He attacked himself against Al-Ahly… Details of Omar Jaber’s injury

Dr. Mohamed Osama, head of the medical staff for the first football team at Zamalek Club, revealed that Omar Gaber, the right-back of Al-Abyad club, suffered an injury to the connective muscle, which caused him to be excluded from the team’s roster to play the upcoming match against Ghana’s Dreams in the first leg of the semi-finals of the African Confederation Cup.< /p>


The head of the medical staff explained that the player suffered an injury in the last summit match against Al-Ahly, which was postponed from the tenth round of the Premier League competition, and he took care of himself and continued the match. Dr. Mohamed Osama indicated that Omar Gaber will undergo a treatment and rehabilitation program in the current period to prepare him to participate in group training during the coming period.

The Zamalek club’s first football team is preparing to play the Ghanaian Dreams match scheduled for next Sunday in the first leg of the semi-finals. The final of the African Confederation Cup, which will be held at Cairo International Stadium.

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