"He wants": The organization is wonderful.. and we strive to achieve the championship title

Musmini Vered, the technical director of the Rwandan Police Club, expressed his happiness with the results achieved by his team during the group stage competitions of the African Championship, which will be hosted by Al-Ahly Club from April 12 to 24 of this year.‎.‎


The Rwandan coach confirmed that he held a lecture with his players to talk about the mistakes of past matches and study the strengths and weaknesses of the competing teams, and asked them to focus on the match, avoid mistakes, and achieve the best possible. ‎


He indicated that he seeks during the upcoming matches to involve all players to avoid fatigue and prepare them for the upcoming elimination rounds.‎


Verid concluded his speech by saying: The tournament is wonderful and more organized, and we strive to achieve the title, and we extend our thanks to the African Union and the officials of the Al-Ahly club for the distinguished organization.

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