Supervisor of the International Karate Federation: Egypt’s organization of the Premier League Championship is amazing

Stepan Perez, the supervisor of the International Karate Federation for the Premier League tournaments, confirmed that this is his fourth time attending a tournament in Egypt, and every time the organization is more professional than the previous time.


Perez is currently in Cairo to supervise the organization of the Premier League Karate World Championship, which Egypt is hosting in the main hall of the indoor hall complex at Cairo International Stadium from April 19 to 21.




Regarding the difference that he noticed at the start of the tournament today compared to last year’s tournament, Perez said: “The most important difference between last year’s tournament and the current tournament is the position of the referees, as the position of the referees in the current tournament is much better and easier  Their mission is to follow  The matches are very good, especially with the shape of the stadium that is comfortable to look at, as well as the location of the media and photographers.”


Regarding Egypt’s organization of the World Karate Championship next year, the head of the International Federation’s organizing committee said: “I am confident of Egypt is organizing an excellent tournament.


Perez talked about the difference between the World Championship and the World League, that participation in the World League is open and the best 100 players in the world can participate in it,  As for the World Championships, only the best 32 players who have collected points in each competition category qualify, which means that the World Championship is where the elite players compete.”

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