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The Governor of Giza inspects development projects in Imbaba, Al-Munira Al-Gharbiya, and Agouza

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The Governor of Giza inspected the condition of the roads and the ongoing development work around the Upper Egypt train station in Bashtil, Al-Nahda Street, and the ongoing preparations on League of Arab States Street. The governor assigned the heads of the concerned neighborhoods to remove all waste and work results first and foremost, and to continue to intensify efforts to improve the hygiene system, assigning teams to periodically pass by to carry out sweeping and stripping work, and not to allow any waste.


The governor was accompanied during the tour by Ayman Atris, head of the Inspection Service, Yasser Sami, head of the Agouza district, Ahmed Abdel Fattah, head of the Dokki district, and Shafiq Galal, head of the Cleaning Authority.

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