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The Ministry of Community Development organizes a workshop to introduce the appropriate work environment for people with hearing disabilities

Dubai, April 19 / WAM / On Thursday, April 25, the Ministry of Community Development is organizing an introductory workshop under the title “The Eligible Environment for People of Determination,” with the participation of a number of representatives of agencies and institutions related to employing people of determination in the “hearing disability category,” coinciding with the UAE’s celebration of Deaf Week. The 49th Arab Conference 2024, which will be held from April 20 to 27 under the slogan “Providing suitable job opportunities for the deaf… men and women in the public and private sectors.”
The workshop will shed light on a number of topics, including introducing the qualified environment at work for people of determination, its impact on the quality of life of people of determination, the best international standards and specifications in the field of the qualified environment that ensure an easy and safe environment, in addition to the challenges that people of determination may face in the work environment.

The Ministry has given great attention to people with hearing disabilities within its vision and strategic plans, foremost among which is benefiting from their abilities and potentials and employing them through the “Persons of Determination Employment Platform,” where the number of people with hearing disabilities registered in it currently stands at 222 people, while the number of those employed has reached 22 people. The platform is a communication link with various federal, local and private government agencies and companies that provide job opportunities that match their capabilities and ambitions.

The Ministry is actively working to enhance the integration of people with hearing disabilities into society and enable them to obtain their basic rights, such as providing job opportunities and jobs that suit their capabilities, which is what the Ministry seeks to achieve by participating in employment fairs in the country, in addition to providing a facilitating environment for obtaining professional opportunities that suit them through “ “Persons of Determination Employment Platform,” starting from the stage of registering on the platform and accepting applications, and passing through the interview and training mechanisms, job descriptions, post-employment follow-up, and other standards that ensure that the recruitment and employment process is effective and practical through which they can provide a distinctive imprint on the Emirati community that reflects and expresses their ambitions.
In continuation of the Ministry’s ongoing efforts to empower people with hearing disabilities, 20 introductory training courses on sign language were implemented in 2023, benefiting 520 people. It targeted various governmental, semi-governmental and private agencies, including the Emirates Society for Social Development, the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, Dubai Islamic Bank, and a number of From government schools.
The courses included introductory information about sign language, how to read facial expressions and body movements and their meanings, how to compose correct sign sentences to communicate with the deaf, and many other information related to them. This comes within the framework of facilitating the process of communicating with people with hearing disabilities and disseminating sign language among employees in government departments to ensure Quality of service, efficiency in work, and enhancing their ways of communicating with society.
On the other hand, the “Emirati Sign Language Dictionary,” which was launched in cooperation with strategic partners, is an important step to collect sign vocabulary for the deaf at the state level, standardize it, and circulate it for preservation and circulation among the deaf, and document it in a dictionary dedicated to it. 1,000 approved signs have been implemented, while the recording of 2000 is currently being completed. A new sign will be added to the sign dictionary during the coming period, through a work team that includes the Ministry of Community Development, the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, and the Community Development Authority in Dubai, while the dictionary will be used in teaching and integrating deaf students as a main reference aimed at raising the level of local community culture. In sign language, it helps in preparing and qualifying sign language interpreters from among the country’s citizens, in order to enrich the integration and empowerment of people with hearing disabilities.

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