"Global health" Authorizes a simplified cholera vaccine to address the global shortage

Geneva, April 20 / WAM / The World Health Organization has approved a simplified version of an oral vaccine against cholera, which will allow increasing the total production of these vaccines in light of the widespread spread of the virus in the world.
The organization stated in a statement today that the “Uvicol S” vaccine is a simplified formulation of the “Uvicol Plus” vaccine with fewer components, which will allow the production of higher quantities more quickly, noting that the effectiveness rate of “Uvicol S” is similar to the effectiveness of more complex formulations.
Rogerio Gaspar, Head of the Regulatory and Prequalification Department at the World Health Organization, said that the new vaccine is the third product from the same family of cholera vaccines on our prequalification list, and we hope for a rapid increase in production and supplies that many communities urgently need, in light of the cholera outbreak.
The World Health Organization’s approval of the new vaccine will help increase the global stock to approximately 50 million doses, and the vaccine has a shelf life of 24 months.

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