How expensive is Starbucks in YOUR state? Fascinating map shows how the cost of a latte varies across the US

Coffee drinkers in Maine are paying on average $1.30 less for a Starbucks coffee than those in neighboring Vermont, new analysis reveals.

The Pine Street state is home to the cheapest Starbucks in the US, with residents paying $4.44 per cup of coffee on average.

It was followed by Maryland and Virginia where prices are $4.47 and $4.63 respectively, according to data from PriceListo.

By comparison, Starbucks fans in Vermont must pay $5.73 per cup of coffee – more than any other state.  

A handful of Central US states had some of the most expensive coffees. Among them were Wyoming, South Dakota, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Unsurprisingly, Starbucks coffees were expensive in New York and Washington, DC, around $5.20 per cup. In California coffees were also at the pricier end of the spectrum, averaging $5.07 a cup.

In Maine, the average price of a Starbucks coffee was the cheapest at $4.44 per cup, according to new data from PriceListo

Since 2020, the Starbucks' yearly revenue has been on a constant upward trajectory

Since 2020, the Starbucks’ yearly revenue has been on a constant upward trajectory

‘A reason why prices may differ could be due to states having higher sales taxes or additional levies on certain goods, which can affect the final price consumers pay for their coffee,’ a spokesperson for Pricelisto said.

‘Another important factor for price variations is the difference in the cost of living among states. States with higher costs of living, such as California or New York, tend to have higher prices for goods and services, including coffee,’ they added.

In the fourth quarter of last year, Starbucks’ sales were up 8 percent in North America and net revenues rose 11 percent to a record $9.4 billion.

Since 2020, the coffee giant’s yearly revenue has been on a constant upward trajectory. In the past four fiscal years, it has grown by more than 50 percent – up from $23.5 billion.

Experts say that driving its strong performance is the company’s dynamic seasonal menu, rewards program, fresh initiatives and – increasingly – its social media presence.

Last week, a new minimum wage for ‘fast-food’ workers was introduced in California. In response, Starbucks and other such restaurant chains started hiking the cost of menu items to offset increased labor costs.

Menu items increased from $0.50 to as much as $1.00, Business Insider reported.

A spokesperson for Starbucks confirmed that prices had increased in response to the new wage but declined to specify the average menu item increase.

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