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Madbouly: The state seeks to localize various industries locally with the participation of the private sector

   Today, Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly affirmed his keenness to conduct inspection tours of many factories in various industrial zones, in order to advance work on these projects, and to learn closely about the challenges that investors may face, and work to solve them, out of the belief of the state and the government in the great role that it plays. It is carried out by the industrial sector as one of the pillars of the national economy, pushing it to lead the locomotive of development during the next stage. 


This came during the Prime Minister’s inspection of the “Shuman” company. to produce plastic machines in the industrial zone, during his tour in Damietta Governorate, today, Saturday, accompanied by Dr. Assem Al-Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, Engineer Ahmed Samir, Minister of Trade and Industry, and Dr. Manal Awad, Governor of Damietta.< /p>

Madbouly indicated that the state seeks – during the current period – for the industrial sector to cover the needs of the Egyptian market for various products, in addition to localizing various industries locally and deepening the industry, with the participation of the private sector, which the state is counting on during the stage. During his inspection of the factory, the Prime Minister – and his entourage – learned about the production stages of the factory in the agricultural film warehouse, which produces plastic for covering agricultural greenhouses, and the Maxtrusion brand warehouse, which specializes in producing machines for export, including… It is suitable for European uses, in addition to the warehouse for manufacturing spare parts and old machines, the warehouse for manufacturing modern machines, and the assembly halls for the production of plastic bags.

The Prime Minister listened to a detailed explanation from Engineer Bilal Shawqi, Head of the Human Resources Sector at Shoman Production Company. Plastic machines, during which he explained that the company has more than 35 years of experience in producing a wide range of advanced solutions in the plastics industry. It also produces many machines of different sizes and specifications to meet the needs of customers in the local and global market. The production lines include manufacturing machines and spare parts, and manufacturing Machines for vocational training and industrial schools, supplies for protected agriculture, insulation and lining, packaging, woven bags, and multi-layer films for food and medicine, in addition to providing industrial solutions of spare parts for all sectors and engineering industries.

Shawqi added: The company also produces film machines (single and multiple), starting from shopping bag production machines to agricultural film production machines, as well as various types of printing machines, cutting and welding machines, and recycling lines, including crushers and beading machines of various sizes.

< p>Shawqi indicated – during his explanation – that the company was able to export complete production lines and spare parts to 1,500 factories in more than 26 countries around the world, and also provides technical support to its customers in line installation and training, adding that the company was able to localize the manufacture of production machines. Plastic and industrial spare parts are 90% local, and are sold to manufacturers in the local market. Which contributes to reducing the import bill and saving hard currency.

He noted that the company won first place in the National Award for Excellence in the Field of Innovation for the year 2007, and the company also obtained three accreditation certificates in quality, environment, protection and safety, which are ( ISO 9001), (ISO 14001), and (OHSAS 18001) in the field of manufacturing plastic products from polyethylene and polypropylene.

He stressed that the company’s factory is located on an area of ​​​​approximately 26 thousand square meters, and it has contributed to providing job opportunities. for 415 workers, noting that environmental and industrial awareness seminars and courses are constantly held for workers to clarify how to deal with materials at all stages of manufacturing.


At the conclusion of his tour of the factory, the Chairman of the Council praised Ministers with what he saw at the Shoman Plastics Factory, and wrote in the attendance register: “Today I was pleased to visit the Shoman Plastics and Equipment Factories Complex, and I was impressed by the experience and great technical competence,” concluding with wishes for continued success and progress.  

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