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Noura Ali: Merchants’ adherence to announced prices is a national duty… and calls for imposing strict control on the markets

Representative Noura Ali, Head of the Tourism Committee in the House of Representatives, said that merchants’ adherence to announced prices is a national duty before it is a legal obligation. As an essential contribution to alleviating the suffering of citizens.


Nora Ali added, in her statements, that the government is striving to enhance the process of stability in the markets and continuous coordination with all concerned parties to reduce prices, praising With the response of the Federation of Industries and the Bakeries Division to the government’s initiative.


Noura Ali indicated that market stability enhances the state’s ability to move forward towards implementing the sustainable development plan, and the economy recovers significantly and its ability To confront regional and international challenges.


Noura Ali stressed the need to raise awareness of the importance of achieving stability in the market by committing to implementing the prices announced by the government, and imposing strict control on the markets to confront monopolists and speculators. goods and those not adhering to the new prices.


She continued: “Market stability represents an important factor in improving performance and Egypt’s economic image before the world… calling on all sectors to respond to the government’s initiative and reduce Prices are at a rate of no less than 25%.

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