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Parliamentary Division for "Federal National" Participates in the third plenary session of the Arab Parliament in Cairo

Cairo, April 20 / WAM / Members of the Parliamentary Division Group of the Federal National Council in the Arab Parliament participated in the third session of the fourth session of the third legislative term of the Arab Parliament, which was held today, Saturday, at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States in Cairo.
The group of the UAE Parliamentary Division in the Arab Parliament includes His Excellency: Mohammed Ahmed Al Yamahi, Chairman of the Group, Member of the Foreign, Political and National Security Affairs Committee, Naima Al Sharhan, Vice President of the Group, Member of the Social, Educational, Cultural and Women’s Affairs Committee, Majid Al Mazrouei, Member of the Legislative, Legal and Human Rights Affairs Committee, and Mohammed Hassan Al Dhahouri, Member of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee.
Muhammad Al-Yamahi said that the plenary session of the Arab Parliament reviewed the reports of the permanent committees and the Palestine Committee, and the report of the Foreign, Political and National Security Affairs Committee was discussed, and all political developments and developments in the Arab arena were reviewed.
Her Excellency Naima Al-Sharhan said that the session reviewed the report of the Social Affairs Committee, and one of its most prominent topics was organizing a symposium on protecting societal values ​​in the Arab world, as the responsibility in this context falls on governments, organizations and the media, pointing to the efforts made by the UAE and its wise leadership to support youth, Protecting them against negative thoughts and promoting authentic societal values.
Al-Sharhan added that the session also discussed the latest developments in the launch of the parliamentary document for Arab women, which aims to support women, and also studied the vision of the Arab Parliament on empowering Arab youth to contribute effectively to development processes, and the study on preparing a parliamentary vision on framing and promoting volunteer work in Arab countries.
Majid Al Mazrouei said that the Arab Parliament session reviewed the report of the Legislative Affairs Committee on the developments in preparing “an Arab parliamentary vision to confront the effects of climate change on human rights in the Arab world,” which includes mechanisms for integrating human rights into environmental laws and policies, noting that the UAE is preparing It is one of the first countries to implement a climate action strategy that is based on achieving a balance between the requirements of sustainable development and reducing the repercussions of climate change.
Muhammad Al-Dhahouri indicated that the session reviewed the memorandum of the Economic and Financial Affairs Committee regarding the preparation of the Arab strategy for entrepreneurship, and the axes of the draft strategy proposed to be launched in the United Arab Emirates were approved in appreciation of its efforts in the field of entrepreneurship.

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