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This popular singer boycotted by the troupe? He explains

Every year, the Enfoirés concert brings together an audience of stars on stage and millions of viewers in front of the TV. All the greatest French singers have been there. Everything, except one… He finally gives the reasons for this absence.

It was in 1986, just after the tragic death of her famous ex-husband Coluche, that Véronique Colucci founded the Enfoirés troupe that he himself had initiated to help the Restos du Coeur. Since then, the biggest stars of song, cinema, sport and even cooking have joined the troupe for at least several years. Jean-Jacques Goldman – long leader of the band before hanging up -, Céline Dion, Muriel Robin, Mimie Mathy and even Johnny Hallyday have all been there over the years. But there are still a few diehard Gauls who have never joined the ranks of this famous troop…

Who is this very popular singer who never participated in Les Enfoirés?

We know that several singers categorically refuse to come to Enfoirés concerts like Julien Doré or Stromae. If everyone has their reasons to explain this refusal, this other emblematic singer of the French scene, present since the end of the 1960s in the hearts of the French, is also missing…

A monument of song to which we owe in particular Great girl or blues player. And who is now celebrating his 50th career in a brand new best-off: The Essentials. You will have understood, we are indeed talking about Michel Jonasz. Indeed, at the age of 77, the popular singer has never participated in Les Enfoirés. And he finally explained it this Sunday April 14, 2024 at Eric Dussart’s microphone in the RTL show, We’re doing TV again. A program in which he came to promote himself.

Why did he never participate in Les Enfoirés?

Asked why and how by his host, Michel Jonasz was immediately very clear. “Because no one ever asked me!”, he replied very simply. Before continuing: “No one ever called me, I would have said yes, I tell you”. And for him to specify: “It’s true that I could perhaps have said ‘Oh oh, I would like to go with you!’, and I didn’t do it”. At the same time, he made it clear that he had “had good contact with Coluche” and that if we had asked his opinion he would have said yes. “I never said no”he wanted to reaffirm.

On the other hand, Michel Jonasz would not say no to an invitation! He also said it on RTL: if the troupe called him, he would join with great pleasure because the idea of ​​sharing good times on stage to raise funds for the Restos du Coeur and more deprived, it’s something that speaks to him. “Of course obviously, it’s far from too late, obviously”, he confirmed. A word to the wise, it’s never too late!

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