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urgent.. "Minister’s spokesman"We seek to increase Egyptian exports by 2030 to $145 billion

Council of Ministers spokesman, Counselor Mohamed Al-Homsani, said that the government seeks to increase Egyptian exports by 2030 to $145 billion.


Al-Homsani indicated, during a phone call with the " "On my responsibility" Presented by journalist Ahmed Moussa on “Sada El Balad” channel. This Saturday evening, Egyptian exports are currently estimated at 53 billion dollars, and there are incentives provided by the state to investors, in addition to developing an export support program and developing well-studied plans on the ground during the coming period to achieve the goal of 145 billion dollars.


He noted that the Prime Minister’s visit to the governorates of Port Said and Damietta comes within the framework of the state’s ongoing efforts to support industry and all development projects, indicating that the visit includes many development projects, especially industrial ones.


He added that we visited a number of factories, which reflect great hope for Egypt. In reference to providing its production to the local market and exporting abroad, in order to rationalize the import bill and support increased exports.  


With regard to the issue of supporting exporters, Al-Homsani said that the Prime Minister held a meeting with the heads of export councils, followed by a next meeting soon to agree on a set of ideas and steps necessary to support exporters. The state is also working to support exporters by developing an export support program and overcoming all difficulties and challenges that any investor may face in order to support his exports and establish his own project, demonstrating successful models in this regard. Similar to the Haier factory, which produces electrical and household appliances.

He also stressed the Egyptian state’s keenness to provide land to investors, follow up on establishment procedures, and grant them a golden licence.

Regarding Damietta ports and the visit of Prime Minister Dr. Mustafa Madbouly to her, Al-Homsani said that developing Egyptian ports is of great importance because it comes within the framework of supporting exports, adding, “It is not possible to talk about any increase in Egyptian exports unless there is a strong infrastructure.”

He pointed out The state is keen to support the industrial sector as it is a promising sector to face challenges. Regarding the talk about the decline in the prices of some commodities, he said that the government succeeded during the last period in eliminating the parallel market and currently providing the dollar in banks officially, and this decline will inevitably be reflected in the prices of commodities, indicating at the same time that there are new commodities being offered in the markets based on the official price. current, stressing that lower prices are in the interest of merchants and citizens.

He pointed out that more than $8 billion worth of food commodities have been released through customs, and there is more relief in the markets and a coming decline in prices, explaining that within weeks there will be There is complete control over prices.

Regarding reducing electricity loads on churches and places of worship, he said that there is a moratorium on reducing electricity loads nationwide on holidays of the Coptic brothers, such as the month of Ramadan, adding that we have temporarily resorted to reducing loads to obtain liquidity. Dollars to enable the purchase of sufficient fuel for electrical stations, and we are working to provide resources to completely eliminate load shedding.

He stated that the state’s recent acquisition of dollar liquidity made it eliminate the parallel market for the dollar, adjust the exchange rate, accelerate customs releases, and provide basic supplies. For citizens.

He pointed out that the state bears the burdens of non-Egyptian citizens residing on its lands, saying: “We seek to cover part of those burdens in cooperation with international partners by conducting an inventory of the burdens and contributions borne by the state without bringing any accusation.” Or impose any burdens on guests residing in Egypt.

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