Australia: Frenchman Damien Guerot, "heroes of sydney"obtained the Australian citizenship promised by the Prime Minister

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The Australian Prime Minister promised it. So it’s done! The Mayennais Damien Guerot, “Heroes of Sydney”obtained Australian nationality, he indicated on Saturday April 20 in C the weekly on France 5, reports France Blue Mayenne. The Frenchman, aged 31 and a construction worker, intervened to slow down the deadly journey of a man in a shopping center on April 13. He was accompanied by a French friend who also intervened.

Images of Damien Gurot, holding a pole at the top of an escalator, to prevent the knife-wielding murderer from advancing, went around the world. The 40-year-old man suffering from mental illness was arrested by the police a few moments later. He had fatally stabbed six people.

The Frenchman confirmed that he had just received Australian citizenship last Friday. “I was at the end of my visa, I’m really happy. It was a process that went really quickly. I thank the Australian Prime Minister enormously for giving me this opportunity. I still can’t believe it today. ‘today. But on the other hand, it’s a weird feeling because despite everything, there are people today who are in mourning and it’s true that I can’t really be happy either.he confides.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said Australia would welcome him “willingly become an Australian citizen, although it would of course be a loss for France. We thank him for his extraordinary bravery”, he greeted. Emmanuel Macron also paid tribute to the two French people: “Two of our compatriots behaved like true heroes. Very proud and grateful”he wrote on the social network

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