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"Trends" He participates in the first African conference of the World Polling Organization in Kenya

Mombasa, 22 April / WAM / The Trends Research and Consultation Center participated in the first conference of the World Poll Organization – Africa Branch, which the organization held in the Kenyan city of Mombasa, under the title “For a Sustainable Future… Lessons Learned from Opinion Polls in Africa.” .

The conference focused on the importance of opinion polls as a necessary tool in guiding sustainable development, especially at a time when there are many environmental, economic and social challenges. It also sought to explore the methods that opinion polls provide in setting development priorities and monitoring progress towards achieving sustainable development goals.

The conference discussed several issues and topics, as it reviewed lessons and legacies from opinion polls in Africa, legacy and innovation in opinion polls, and the role of opinion polls in sustainable development.

The conference sessions addressed the evolving landscape of digital technology and its impacts on public opinion research, and also highlighted the importance of incorporating a wide range of voices and perspectives into public opinion research, including women’s and youth research.

During the conference, Dr. Mohamed Farid Ezzi, scientific advisor to the Global Barometer Department at Trends, presented a research paper entitled “Attitudes of Maghreb youth towards reform and change.”

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