War in Ukraine: "The whole world benefits from this conflict"denounces a Ukrainian millionaire, after the vote for American aid

Cairo: Hani Kamal El-Din


After long negotiations, on Saturday April 20, the American House of Representatives ended up adopting a major aid plan for Ukraine: 61 billion dollars in various aid paid to kyiv, including 14 intended to train, equip and pay the Ukrainian army.

In Kharkiv, Yuri Sapronov is an essential character. Although born in Russia, this millionaire businessman who arrived in Ukraine at the age of 20 curses the Putin regime. Today he feels more Ukrainian than Ukrainians. The man appears relieved that this envelope has finally passed the American Congress, but also says he “very angry”. Yuri actually says out loud what many Ukrainians think quietly: he is grateful, but does not hide his disgust.

He first points out that this aid is vital, but believes that it comes too late to be truly effective. It won’t be enough. He wants to read us a message that he published on social networks. “What you promise us, do it! America promised us that this money would arrive in December.”, he recalls. Before continuing: “This war which destroys our cities and our villages, which kills our people, which destroys Ukraine, the whole world benefits from it! I tell you!”, he asserts.

But “to weaken Russia, it is the Ukrainians who die”, Yuri says indignantly. “In fact, what you need is a buffer zone. In my opinion, there will be neither NATO nor the European Union for Ukraine”, he decides. By helping in this way, not enough and not quickly enough, we prolong the war “indefinitely”Yuri concluded.

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