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11 Arab countries hosted by the General Syndicate of Spinning and Weaving in Cairo

Abdel Fattah Ibrahim, President of the General Union of Spinning and Weaving Workers and Secretary-General of the Arab and International Unions for Spinning and Weaving, received delegations from 11 countries participating in the ninth conference of the Arab Union of Spinning, Weaving and Clothing Workers at the headquarters of the General Union in Shubra.

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Abdel Fattah Ibrahim, President of the General Union of Spinning and Weaving Workers, accompanied the heads of the Arab delegations participating in the work of the Ninth Conference of the Arab Union for Spinning and Weaving on an inspection tour of the union’s facility to find out the latest development and modernization of the infrastructure of the general union’s facilities and the mechanization of its services to keep pace with rapid and technological development. This is because the Egyptian worker deserves to live a decent life.

Yacoub Yousef, President of the Bahrain Workers Union, praised the real achievements made by the General Spinning and Weaving Union, headed by Abdel Fattah Ibrahim, on the ground, stressing that he always seeks to achieve New gains for workers in all aspects.

Fath Allah Al-Omrani, Chairman of the Executive Council of the Arab Union of Textile and Garment Workers, said that Egypt has a pioneering experience that we all experienced during the Corona period, and how the Egyptian state and its political leaders cared for the worker, whether in terms of Social or medical.

Huda Al-Alusi, head of the Iraqi Spinning and Weaving Union, confirmed that we are proud as Arab trade unionists that the General Spinning and Weaving Union has long-established and huge facilities and infrastructure to serve its workers, which rise to compete with the largest international institutions.

p>The head of the General Syndicate of Spinning and Weaving in Iraq indicated that Egypt is the cradle and land of civilizations, and that accountant Abdel Fattah Ibrahim has the sophistication and experience in management that enables him to invest in these assets, which bring benefit and prosperity to workers in the sector 

Al-Alusi said that we look forward to the combined efforts of all brothers from the Arab countries so that the industry can return to its global status and compete again, which will benefit many workers.

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