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Does Kendji live in a house or a caravan? His secrets about his life in a village in Dordogne

While he is currently hospitalized near Bordeaux, where does singer Kendji live all year round? Since he earned money from his career, he has led a gypsy life… great luxury.

Shock. This Monday, April 22, we learned that the interpreter ofAndalusian had been shot, during the night from Sunday to Monday, in unclear circumstances: the latter assured investigators that it was a domestic accident with a weapon that he had bought the day before in a flea market, a rather implausible theory since He was injured in the chest. The 27-year-old singer was immediately transported to hospital in serious condition but his life prognosis is no longer in jeopardy. He remains under medical supervision before being able to return home. But where does Kendji live?

Does Kendji Girac still live in his caravan?

Hit in the chest, Kendji Girac is slowly recovering from his injury. The accident occurred in Biscarrosse, in Landes, and according to the former candidate of The Voice the shooting would have occurred near his caravan on a Travelers area. Because Kendji Girac still lives like a gypsy despite his success in the charts and the money he has been earning for several years.

In any case, this is what he said several years ago, on the set of Daily. “I still live like a gypsy. Yesterday I slept in my caravan because it was too cold. I like the warmth of the caravan. It depends on the weather. Sometimes I sleep in the house, sometimes in the caravan, it’s a refuge in which I feel good, and I love hearing the sound of the rain which rocks me. It’s a chance to have both…”,. confided the singer.

A house and a caravan: but where exactly?

Since the arrival of his daughter, Eva Alba, born in 2021 from his romantic relationship with his discreet companion Soraya, the singer has wanted to think bigger. Kendji Girac thus settled in a 160m2 house with approximately one hectare of land, located in Marsac-sur-l’Isle, in Dordogne, according to information from France Bleu Périgord. But there is no question of getting rid of your caravan. She is always there, available.

The singer also uses it when he wants to recharge his batteries and relax with his family during the holidays. “In the summer on vacation, I take my caravan back”he confided in the pages of Current wife. And it suits him very well. Kendji Girac has already tried to live in luxury, by treating himself to an apartment in the 8th arrondissement, rue de la Boétie. Result ? He spent very little time there and so quickly returned it.

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