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Flo Delavega new lifestyle “guru”? He invites 10 men into nature, in the simplest device…

A new life that is sure to surprise! Singer Flo Delavega now offers spiritual retreats for men. In the middle of nature, without clothes, he offers them “a great moment”… but not cheap.

Between music and personal development there is sometimes only one step visibly, and it is not Flo Delavega who will tell us the opposite. And for good reason, this Monday, April 22, 2024, the singer took to his Instagram and TikTok accounts to announce that he was embarking on a brand new adventure: a spiritual retreat. And she has something to surprise…

Flo Delavega launches a spiritual retreat… Entirely dedicated to men!

It was from Tenerife, where he has been living in total connection with nature for several years, that the 36-year-old artist announced the big news to his subscribers: he has set up a retreat entirely dedicated to men. “An introspective adventure” the merits of which he extols on his social networks and on his website. “Since I lived in the forest in the Landes, I have been thinking about this desire to share delusions, share adventures and then be among men”he explains first.

And to the singer and father of a little boy, born from his love story with Natalia Doco, to specify the profile of his potential first clients: “Men who question themselves, who want to seek out symbolism, a strong moment. Men who also want to improve themselves as men (…) who want to meet brothers”.

So, notice to “adventurers who want to awaken the warrior side within them”, Flo Delavega’s very first retreat will take place from June 17 to 22 in the Landes (the precise location will only be given to participants at the time of final registration). Placed under the sign of introspection and reconnection with oneself, this training made by Flo Delavega is still worth a certain price.

And to find out, the former successful singer invites you to fill out a questionnaire – rather very intimate since he asks interested parties if they are comfortable with nudity and with their sexuality – on his site. The price of this experience which includes support from Flo Delavega as well as on-site transport, meals and accommodation? The tidy sum of 1717 euros!

Is Jérémy Frérot still in touch with Flo Delavega? He answers

An announcement that arrives at the same time as the brand new single from his former sidekick, Jeremy Frérot, Farewell. A title in which he announces his breakup with his famous wife, Laure Manaudou. The opportunity for him to confide in our colleagues at Parisianparticularly on the relationship he maintains with the man who could now almost be described as a well-being guru.

The singer revealed that he had “from time to time” his news. And for him to add soberly: “He sails a lot, he’s a dreamer who needs to see the country, but also to introspect. Flo, it’s a world! You have to enter it, it’s both very positive and intense “.

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