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Private consultations at the public hospital: "Over the year 2022, we had a strong increase of 15%"recognizes the general director of the AP-HP

“It’s true that in 2022, we had a strong increase of 15%” private consultations at the public hospital, recognizes the general director of the AP-HP, Nicolas Revel, on franceinfo Tuesday April 23. Doctors have the possibility of carrying out consultations or procedures on a private or liberal basis for 20% of their time, i.e. two half-days per week, a rule which exists in “all public hospitals”he recalls.

“It’s 5% of our doctors and 2% of procedures and consultations”therefore at the AP-HP in “98%” cases, support is provided “normally in a public setting and without any charges”. These consultations are framed by “ethical rules” And “when we receive a patient, we must necessarily give them the choice” between the liberal and the public.

“There can be abuse” concedes the boss of the AP-HP, “but it concerns very little” of doctors. They identified “About ten” of practitioners, including “we have the feeling that liberal activity is so strong that compliance with the two half-day rule could be worth checking.”

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