"We don’t live on 1,400 euros" : the unemployed are annoyed by a possible new turn of the screw on the allocation of benefits

Will there be a new turn of the screw in the allocation of unemployment benefit? The government regained control on Monday April 22 after the failure of negotiations between unions and employers and must set new rules by April 1er July. For the moment, it is a blank page, assures the Minister of Labor Catherine Vautrin. But after the recent exits of Gabriel Attal, the unemployed are worried about seeing the conditions of allocation tightened and less long support.

After being made redundant a year and a half ago, Farida, 31, a former salesperson based in Marseille, is now unemployed. She appears very annoyed by the speeches which point fingers
the unemployed.

“I receive unemployment of 1,400 euros. We don’t live on 1,400 euros. Maintain a kind of collective imagination of the unemployed who doesn’t do anything, who just waits to receive benefits and who uses the money from benefits to paying for Netflix subscriptions seems completely absurd to me“, Farida gets angry.

In recent weeks, Gabriel Attal has mentioned three possible levers: affecting the duration of the allowance, its amount and the number of hours worked to receive it. Camille, pastry chef, also unemployed, would not understand further tightening. “The current rules encourage you to find work because Pôle emploi advisors already offer you training. And sometimes, you also have to take time off from work to prepare for your future. I would like to get my license, for example,” she testifies.

Farida also got annoyed a month ago when she heard Gabriel Attal mention a duration of allowance reduced to one year. “Knowing that certain training courses to be truly effective in the targeted sectors can last a year or more, I don’t understand,” says the young woman who believes that more resources are needed for professional support. It is also in this field that she is reconverting. Farida applied to be an advisor at France Travail.

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