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“What did you put in his chamomile?”

In the show “What an era!”, Nicoletta recounted meeting an unexpected artist during a concert. But the latter denied the words of the 80-year-old singer…

The singer Nicoletta was invited on the set of Léa Salamé in her Saturday evening show What an era! to promote a complete box set of his career. She then participated in the game of “photocall“. The objective? Ask a question or say something about the person in the photo. Which gave rise to a clash on the Web.

This anecdote from Nicoletta about a famous rapper

Initially, Nicoletta provided anecdotes about several great artists of French song encountered during her long career such as Johnny Hallyday, Françoise Hardy, Claude François and Véronique Sanson. Then younger singers like Aya Nakamura – whom she now defends – or the rapper Booba appeared in photos on the screen. And so she told an improbable story about the rapper and hit performer OKLM And Mona Lisa.

“I don’t really know him, I met him in prison. I sang in prisons thanks to an association and I went to sing gospel with my daughters and my pianist, and I didn’t know that Booba was among the public”, she confided. “And one day, I went to NTM’s farewell because I’m a friend of JoeyStarr and in the hallway, I pass, I bring Joey’s mom back to her dressing room and he says to me: ‘But we know each other.’ I said to him: ‘Oh good? But from where?’ I didn’t know him. He says to me: ‘De Fleury‘” she recalled.

How did the rapper react to this anecdote?

A fan of the social network “It’s a very beautiful story but it’s not true.” Internet users then quickly brought out from the archives another interview with Nicoletta where she told this same anecdote on Europe 1.

Booba once again cited the article by writing a message to rapper JoeyStarr. “Explain to him that you’re not Booba please. What did you put in his chamomile asshole?” he laughs. Indeed, the tone rose between Booba and JoeyStarr on social networks in 2016. And since then, it has not been mad love between the two. The 80-year-old singer says she met Booba at the concert, then in the dressing rooms of the farewell concert of NTM (group formed by JoeyStarr and Kool Shen) given in 2019. It is difficult to think that this situation happened, it remains to be seen whether she is telling the truth, confused or deliberately lied about this anecdote.

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