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Edgar Wright to direct new film ‘Barbarella’

(Left) Writer and director Edgar Wright on the set of his film ‘Last Night in Soho’ (Right) Jane Fonda in ‘Barbarella’ from 1968. Photo: Paramount Images.


  • Edgar Wright has started talks to make a new ‘Barbarella’.
  • Sydney Sweeney is on board to star.
  • The 1968 film starred Jane Fonda.

It would seem that teaming up with a single ‘Anyone But You’ star simply isn’t enough for acclaimed genre director Edgar Wright. Because, following the news last month that he had hired Glen Powell to star in his new adaptation of ‘The Running Man,’ comes news via Deadline that he is now in talks to tackle the remake of ‘Barbarella,’ which has Sydney Sweeney in the lead.


What is the story of ‘Barbarella’?

'Barbarella' from 1968.

‘Barbarella’ from 1968. Photo: Paramount Images.

Jean-Claude Forest created the character of Barbarella for serial publication in the French magazine ‘V Magazine’ in the spring of 1962, and in 1964 Éric Losfeld published these strips as a stand-alone book titled ‘Barbarella’. The book caused a scandal and became known as the first “adult” comic for its stories of an emancipated and independent woman who embraced her sexuality.

Roger Vadim directed a 1968 film adaptation that follows a 41st century astronaut (played by Jane Fonda in sexual siren mode) who sets out to find and stop the evil scientist Durand Durand, whose positronic ray threatens to bring evil back to Earth. galaxy. .

There are sex machines. There are vibrant colors. It’s quite a journey. However, it did not inflame passions at the box office.

Who makes the new ‘Barbarella’?

Sydney Sweeney in 'Immaculata'.

Sydney Sweeney in ‘Immaculata’. Photo: Neon.

Wright, a veteran of films like ‘Shaun of the Dead’, ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World’ and ‘Last Night in Soho’ has been looking to develop a new version of the ‘Barbarella’ story for a while now and has finally agreed to has committed to working with Sony and Sweeney on it.

The studio has Jane Goldman — a veteran of the ‘Kingsman’ and ‘X-Men: First Class’ films and her daughter, Honey Ross — in talks to write the script for the new film.

However, it won’t happen for a while, since Sweeney is a highly sought-after actor and Wright is immersed in pre-production on ‘The Running Man’.

Speaking of…

The running Man

Not yet rated

It follows a man who joins a game show in which the contestants, who are allowed to go anywhere in the world, are chased by “hunters” employed to kill them. Read the plot

What’s happening with ‘The Runner’?

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Captain Benjamin "ben" Richards in 'The Running Man'.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Captain Benjamin “Ben” Richards in ‘The Running Man’.

As we mentioned, Wright has been developing an updated version of the biting and violent science fiction story originally written by Stephen King (back in his days using the pseudonym Richard Bachman) that was first brought to the screen in 1987 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. .

It is the story of a dystopian society where criminals ––and those the state wishes to punish/kill–– are forced to participate in a deadly game show where they face “champions” who make money from the most creative murders. A police officer falsely accused of a crime is the latest “runner” sent to try his luck at the game.

Schwarzenegger’s film, however, did not faithfully adapt the book, so Wright will lean more toward it.

The running Man

“The year is 2019. ‘The Running Man’ is a deadly game that no one has survived. But Schwarzenegger has yet to play.”


R1 hour 41 minutesNovember 13, 1987

Schedules and tickets

When will ‘Barbarella’ hit theaters?

We’ll probably have to wait to see this, since Sweeney already has a biopic of boxer Christy Martin and a thriller called ‘The Caretaker’ in the works.

Jane Fonda in 'Barbarella' from 1968.

Jane Fonda in ‘Barbarella’, 1968. Photo: Paramount Images.

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