Mahmoud Shadid Qenawi…a talent who specializes in qualifying for the excellent

Once again, Mahmoud Shadid Qenawi repeated his hobby of qualifying for the Premier League, but this season with Petrojet, after having previously qualified last season with the Interior Ministry, investing his great talent and extensive experience in how to play the second division leagues, to advance with the Petroleum Team, and continue with them. In the Premier League next season.


Mahmoud Shadid Qenawy has extensive experience gained from working with His former coaches: Hassan Shehata, the former technical director of the Arab Contractors, and Alaa Abdel-Al, the technical director of the Interior Ministry, where he initially joined the Enppi youth team at the age of 12 years, after which he moved to Al-Assiouti in the second division and promoted with him to the Premier League, then moving to the Al-Dakhalia team and rising with him to the Premier League, Before repeating the experience this season with Petrojet to advance with it next season.

For his part, Mahmoud Shadid Qenawi confirmed that he chose to play in the second division with Petrojet because of the club’s great name, ambition, and outstanding potential that enables it to rise, and the dream has come true, in addition to the presence of Sayed Eid as technical director, who is good at dealing with his players, so that we can all win the challenge.

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