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PHOTOS of his son Aïtor… The resemblance is striking!

Adeline Blondieau celebrates the 25th birthday of her son, Aïtor! For the occasion, the ex-wife of Johnny Hallyday revealed photos of her charming boy, who looks just like her…

Adeline Blondieau is in a nostalgic mood! And for good reason, his son Aïtor is celebrating his 25th birthday this May 14. For the occasion, the former actress who converted to sophrology posted a moving message, accompanied by dozens of photos of her beloved son which parade in a video.

Adeline Blondieau presents her son: he is (already) celebrating his 25th birthday!

The former star of Under the sun had tender words for her child, born from her former love with the Argentinian model Sergio Temporelli – whom she had met on the set of the sitcom The Girls Next Door. “Thank you for choosing me for mom. I like to accompany you in this life even if sometimes the trials are difficult to overcome. Together we learn, we grow, we love, we laugh and we are stronger. Every time you choose life, it’s such great courage for such a young man“, she began by declaring.

The one she calls her Toto is clearly as positive from day to day as her mother’s sophrologist. “I promise you as you asked me to live as best and as long as possible to be by your side and by your sister’s side (Wilona, ​​born in 2011 from her relationship with Laurent Hubert, editor’s note) Our memories are treasures, all of them. I want more“, she added.

What do we know about Aïtor, Adeline Blondieau’s son?

On the ten photos that appear in the video posted by Johnny Hallyday’s ex-wife, we can see an adorable toddler who has transformed into a charming young man with piercing eyes. And the resemblance to his famous mother is visible! Unfortunately, he lost his father, Sergio Temporelli, a few months earlier, as the former actress announced on social networks.

It is also partly thanks to his late father that Adeline Blondieau’s son has such an original first name. “Sergio, Aïtor’s dad, is Argentinian: we wanted our little boy’s first name to have this Latin touch, while being original at the same time. It was Sergio who finally found the name Aïtor, at the end of his pregnancy. At first, it seemed strange to me, but he escaped the first name Thor“, she explained to Magic Mom.

Endowed with an undeniable artistic streak, Aïtor has an Instagram account in which he reveals his most beautiful illustrations. Adeline Blondieau’s son works as a level designer, that is to say he builds the different levels of a video game.

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