TESTIMONIALS. "Police officers punctured the zodiac" : migrants denounce the methods of the police in the Channel

The Utopia team distributes tea and dry clothes, the migrants light a fire on the sidewalk, and tongues loosen: “We boarded the zodiacsays a man, then the police came and attacked us. They threw tear gas at us, even though there were children and elderly women in the zodiac.” All confirm this story. A tear gas grenade even landed inside the inflatable which was already at sea. But that’s not all: “The boat was about ten or fifteen meters from the beachreports another man, and three police officers approached with a knife and punctured the tubes with the knife.” “Everyone ended up in the waterdescribes a companion, it was very dangerous. The police didn’t help me.” “The water was very deepadds the first man, and three or four people almost drowned.”

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