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Dubai Courts concludes a memorandum of understanding with the Centre "Moro"

Dubai, May 15 / WAM / Dubai Courts concluded a memorandum of understanding with the Data Center for Integrated Solutions (Moro), with the aim of involving it in the process of digital transformation within the courts and developing their capabilities, with regard to digital transformation, technology solutions and consulting. The memorandum stipulated an inventory of the needs of the courts and the department in terms of processes and procedures and their development, and taking into account making recommendations for the development and security of systems and networks, the development and security of databases, the development of the technical support system, and internal and external service systems.

His Excellency Dr. Saif Ghanem Al Suwaidi, Director of Dubai Courts, confirmed that the conclusion of the memorandum was in line with the government’s aspirations towards reducing procedural bureaucracy, reviewing processes and procedures within the courts, and raising the vision of re-engineering them electronically.

The signing of the agreement was attended by His Excellency Judge Abdul Qadir Musa, President of the Court of Cassation, His Excellency Judge Omar Miran, a judge of cassation, Mr. Muhammad Al-Obaidli, Executive Director of the Claims Management Sector, and Mr. Abdul Aziz Al-Hammadi, Director of the Information Technology Department. The agreement was signed on behalf of the Dubai Courts by Abdul Rahim. Ahli, Executive Director of the Institutional Support and Communication Sector,

The memorandum aims to summarize, analyze and understand the appropriate processes, procedures, services and technical solutions that are appropriate to the current and future requirements of both parties, and to facilitate further discussions and negotiations regarding the business objectives of each of them, in addition to studying and analyzing the systems and technical infrastructure of the Dubai Courts, and studying the requirements of the Dubai Courts for projects. Technology and technical transformation plan for systems, databases, artificial intelligence and future projects.

Engineer Marwan Salem bin Haider, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Digital Sector and CEO of DEWA Digital Group, said: “We work in accordance with the vision and directives of the wise leadership to enable the journey of digital transformation and sustainability in the United Arab Emirates, and we are happy to cooperate with Dubai Courts to enhance its journey in the field of digital transformation.” And cyber security.

He praised the efforts of the Dubai Courts to reduce carbon emissions by adopting innovative technologies to ensure a sustainable future, as our cooperation with them through this memorandum of understanding is in line with the UAE’s 2050 Climate Neutrality Strategic Initiative, which reflects the long-term commitment to sustainable economic development. Our cooperation also emphasizes the importance of utilizing technology and artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of the judicial system, in line with the Dubai Courts’ strategic plan, which focuses on intelligence and sustainability. It also includes a comprehensive comparison of the results of the analyses, the extent of their compatibility with smart government and information security standards, and the extent of the efficiency and capacity of the current system. Towards meeting the needs of the courts and organizational units in the current and future period, indicating the extent of resource needs, and coordinating with the Information Technology Department to develop a digital transformation strategy for the courts.

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