Feston Maili wins the Pyramids and Ceramica Cleopatra Man of the Match award

Congolese Feston Mayele, Pyramids club player, won the best player award in the team’s match against Ceramica Cleopatra in the Premier League.

The Heavenly Team and Ceramica met in the 23rd round of the league championship at the June 30 Stadium.< /p>

Pyramids snatched a valuable victory from Ceramica after defeating them with a score of two goals to one scored by Maili, who showed an amazing performance during the events of the match.

Maili’s first goal came after he was able to translate Muhannad Lashin’s pass into the first goal. The goalkeeper of Ceramica Cleopatra team, Mohamed Bassam, scored in the 31st minute of the match.

During the last minutes of the first half, Miley scored his second goal, strengthening Al-Samawi’s lead and contributing to the team’s seventh consecutive victory.

It is noteworthy that Pyramids raised its score to point 47, continuing to lead the Premier League table, while Ceramica Cleopatra’s score froze at point 31, coming in eighth place in the table.

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