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Guy Carlier weighed up to 250 kilos: “I lost my shit…”

Guy Carlier suffered enormously due to his years of obesity. He subsequently lost a lot of weight, but many traumas are still present for him and his son, Carlito. The columnist spoke about his obesity in front of Jordan De Luxe…

Guy Carlier, whose appearances on the show You can’t please everyone alongside Marc-Olivier Fogiel remain unforgettable to this day, weighed up to 250 kilos. The father of YouTuber Carlito opened up about his weight problems to Jordan De Luxe on May 14.

“It’s a shame”: Guy Carlier’s son had a hard time dealing with his obesity

People were cynical, I was the one on duty.” confided Guy Carlier in the show At Jordan’s on C8. “I was a big pile of shit, but this guy said love me anyway.” Indeed, Guy Carlier sought validation from the public. “I was being an idiot, and we forget that you’re fat, we love you like that, women told me that. But I didn’t love myself, so it doesn’t make sense.”

His son, Raphaël Carlier, better known under the nickname Carlito, had a very bad time during this period. “He didn’t give a damn that the public loved me. He had my image in front of him in the evening. And he had my bulimia, an illness, an addiction like alcoholism and drugs. It’s less rock’n’roll. It’s shameful and you’re alone. You isolate yourself to eat at any time,” said told the father of three children.

“It’s humiliation to be caught naked in front of the fridge. It’s the nighttime grocery stores, I often went there after Marc-Olivier Fogiel’s shows, and you have all the alcoholics who come, it’s creepy . And I arrived, and the guy had seen me on TV 10 minutes before.“, he concluded.

How did Guy Carlier lose his weight? “I lost my shit”

To weigh himself, he needed two scales. “There comes a time when we weigh ourselves more and we let go. I was losing the love of my sons and I was also looking for love. It was inconceivable to live with someone like that.” The birth of his son Antoine, now 17 years old, as well as the meeting with his wife helped him. “It was the meeting with Christine who is a doctor that saved me. Either I was going to die very quickly or I was living this love story.” The mother of his last son, Joséphine Dard, was also a real support.

Subsequently, the 74-year-old man underwent an operation: “I lost more than 150 kilos, balance is complicated. I did a sleeve. You have to prepare yourself and not go the other way. I told myself that it’s not possible, it’s not going well start again on the other side. Guy Carlier experienced his obesity as a real trauma: “I lost my shit, I had to put my seat in the bed position to avoid honking, the elevators were terrible. I laugh about it now, but these are daily humiliations. I even took a lift load instead of elevators at my work (…) I fell often and I couldn’t get up.”

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