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Sophie Turner says days after Joe Jonas divorce were ‘worst of her life’

Sophie Turner has spoken candidly about the aftermath of her divorce announcement.

In early September 2023, the 28-year-old actress officially confirmed her split from Joe Jonas, 34, after four years of marriage. Turner and Jonas published a joint statement to Instagram on 6 September, admitting they were “amicably” ending their marriage and the decision to do so was mutually made.

Both the former Disney Channel actor and the Game of Thrones actress asked for their fans to respect their privacy for the wellbeing of their two daughters, Willa and Delphine. However, in the days that followed their shocking announcement, rumours swirled, pinning the co-parents against one another.

Turner was painted out to be a “party girl” who abandoned her duties as a mom for nights out. A source speaking to TMZ said she and Jonas “had different lifestyles,” prompting online critics to label her a “bad mom”. One Instagram critic commented on her page: “Stop partying and take care of your child!!!!!!!! Save your marriage!”

Speaking to British Vogue for a June 2024 feature, Turner opened up about how affected she was by all the backlash in the days that followed her divorce announcement.

“I mean, those were the worst few days of my life,” she admitted. Turner recalled having to endure the bad away from her children because she had to finish filming Joan, an ITV drama series.

She noted: “I remember I was on set, I was contracted to be on set for another two weeks, so I couldn’t leave.”

“My kids were in the States and I couldn’t get to them because I had to finish Joan. And all these articles started coming out,” Turner continued. “It hurt because I really do completely torture myself over every move I make as a mother – mum guilt is so real! I just kept having to say to myself: ‘None of this is true. You are a good mum and you’ve never been a partier.’”

Speculation over Turner and Jonas’ split swirled the same day they took to their social media to break the news. Jonas had performed in Arizona on 6 September 2023 without his wedding ring, stirring rumours among his fans.

The “Cake by the Ocean” singer officially filed for divorce the day before in Miami-Dade County Court. In the court filings, Jonas said the marriage was “irretrievably broken”. Proceedings got messy when it came down to where the couple would co-parent their two daughters.

On 21 September, Turner sued the performer for “the immediate return of children wrongfully removed or wrongfully retained”. She alleged Jonas had taken hold of their kids’ passports and refused to take them to England where they had supposedly agreed to make their permanent home.

By 25 September, after much back and forth, the couple reached a custody agreement. Now, Turner is rumoured to be dating Peregrine Pearson, a British aristocrat.

Speaking to British Vogue, Turner said she’s “having fun dating”.

“I am having fun dating. It’s very fun,” she said. “I mean, it’s strange when you get married so young. It’s like you never really learn how to date. So it’s all very new to me.”

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