Travis Kelce Getting On The Job Training In Ryan Murphy’s ‘Grotesquerie’

Travis Kelce is giving a friendship bracelet to Ryan Murphy.

During a May 14 episode of his New Heights podcast, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end and boyfriend of the world’s most famous singer gushed about his time on the set of Ryan Murphy’s Grotesquerie. Kelce stars opposite Niecy Nash-Betts in the FX series.

“It’s been so much fun,” he said effusively. “Ryan Murphy is [an] unbelievable writer, director, producer, all of the above, man. He’s just — there’s nothing he can’t do and everybody’s just been so helpful in making me feel comfortable.”

Kelce added, “Even on top of that, just giving me kinda the direction I need and the coaching I need to portray the part that I’m in.”

Kelce said his lack of acting experience made him feel like a “jabroni” among the professionals.

“I feel like an amateur. And, uh, I haven’t gotten fired yet, so we’re doing good,” he said. “They haven’t told me to f—ing kick rocks after the first week, so it’s been awesome.”

Even though he’s a novice, he has the art of the tease down pat.

“I don’t want to give too much away, but the name itself can tell you it’s quite a mystery and every scene has just been so much fun to be in,” he said. “I’m just taking it scene by scene and trying to make sure that I remember my lines. I’m very amateur at this.”

Kelce said he was prioritizeing memorizing his lines instead of getting “from one point to the next.”

“I was kinda blown away and kinda, like, shocked that he was willing to give me a role like this, because it is a big role on the show,” he said of Murphy. “He seemed very confident that I’d be able to do this and he kinda injected that in me the first conversation that we had. So hopefully I don’t bomb this for him.”

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