Yasser Idris: I expect to win between 7 and 11 medals at the Olympics

Yasser Idris, President of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, stressed that there must be joint cooperation on the part of the committee, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and all sports federations, in order to achieve the desired success in the Paris Olympics, indicating that there are absolutely no disagreements, and the next goal is to achieve achievements. And Egypt’s name was raised in international forums.


Yasser Idris said in television statements: “We met all the demands of the sports federations, and we asked the ministry for support and it approved all the demands, and most importantly In the coming period, everyone must come together to achieve achievements in the Paris Olympics.


He added: “We have overcome all obstacles facing sports federations, and every federation must contribute to resolving any problem.” A problem, and there is absolutely nothing that requires the intervention of Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, and he is always supportive of everyone and does not delay in meeting demands in order to achieve success.


He continued: &ldquo We have about 150 athletes who will participate in the Olympics, and I hope that our athletes will succeed in all sports in order to achieve achievements, especially in light of the strong competition expected at the Olympics.


He continued: “ We will do our best to compete strongly, and we bear all responsibility, and sport is ultimately a win and a loss.


He concluded: “I expect we will win from 7 to 11 medals at the Olympics.” He is confident in the possibility of the Olympic football team achieving a medal in Paris.

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