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40 local and international companies will showcase their latest projects during "Acres Real Estate 2024"

Dubai, May 16 / WAM / Today, more than 40 local real estate companies, developers and real estate investors from the Emirate of Dubai, the region and the world reviewed more than 120 of the most important and latest real estate projects that are being offered for the first time in all the emirates of the country, during the launch of the edition’s activities. The first of the “ACRES Real Estate Exhibition” in Dubai, which continues until May 19 at the Dubai World Trade Center.

The exhibition, which extends over an area of ​​6,000 square metres, offers a range of wide options and investment opportunities for investors and those wishing to buy and own real estate, ranging from residential, commercial, industrial and lands, within competitive offers that include various medium- and long-term payment and financing systems, in cooperation with a large number of developers. And real estate investors, in addition to introducing different types of real estate and residential complexes.

Omar Abdulaziz Al Shaiba, CEO of Dirham Real Estate Brokerage, said in a statement to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, that the ACRES Dubai 2024 exhibition presents itself as an ideal platform that brings together real estate developers and representatives of the sector under one roof, and it is also witnessing great competition for exhibiting companies to attract… Investors, explaining that Dirham Company is one of the local companies that aims to empower citizens in the real estate sector.

Rana Naeem, a sales expert at Reportage, said that the real estate market in the UAE has witnessed remarkable development over the past years, as the demand for various residential units, whether apartments or villas, has grown, especially in new and coastal residential areas, pointing out that the exhibition is An opportunity for networking between developers, buyers and sector experts to exchange knowledge and identify market trends.

Farid Jamal, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Ajmal Makan, said that ACRES Dubai 2024 is one of the most important real estate exhibitions in the United Arab Emirates, as it constitutes an important platform for communicating with customers and real estate developers, in addition to reviewing new projects in Sharjah, including Blue Bay. Blue Waves, Blue Pearls and Sun Island.

Issa Ataya, CEO of Alef Group, revealed: The leading real estate development company in the Emirate of Sharjah announced the launch of the Nama 2 building, which is the second within the Al Mamsha residential complex “Raseel” in (Zone 3) in Sharjah, indicating that participation in local exhibitions comes as a commitment to enhancing community experiences through residential and retail offers. And communicate with other developers.

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