Al-Manfi: Libya is making every effort to support the Palestinian people

 The head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Muhammad al-Manfi, said that the political process in Libya witnessed several positive developments, including the results of the tireless efforts made by the Joint Military Committee (5+5), in addition to the efforts of the Supreme Financial Committee, which would consolidate and establish the principle of transparency. In the field of spending public money and distributing national resources fairly throughout Libya, he stressed that his country will continue to make more efforts to achieve stability and meet the aspirations of the Libyan people. 


Al-Manfi explained – During the Arab Summit in its thirty-third regular session, with the participation of President Sisi – his country is making every effort to support the Palestinian people in these difficult times that they are going through, reiterating its strong condemnation of the brutal Israeli aggression against the people of the Gaza Strip in particular and Palestine in general, which is considered a genocide whose brutality has reached its peak. All of life, including civilian facilities, hospitals, places of worship, and homes, in addition to camps for refugees and displaced persons, claimed the lives of convoys of martyrs and wounded. 

He pointed out that Libya joined, with South Africa, the genocide case filed against Israel before the International Court of Justice.  


He added that the Libyan people do not accept negative external interference and that the solution emanates from the Libyans themselves, stressing that the Libyan Presidential Council is doing everything in its power to communicate with everyone without exception. And proposing initiatives that would enhance confidence between the parties and create a consensus that would lead to holding elections and ending the transitional phase without compromising the independence and sovereignty of Libya. 

He praised the role played by the League of Arab States and its Secretary-General in supporting the Libyan dialogue to reach it as quickly as possible. It is possible for free and fair elections, expressing his hope that the Arab summit will come out with decisions that will provide support and support for the Arab peoples, the region, and the struggle of the Palestinian people who suffer the scourges of war, displacement, and genocide.


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