Ali Maher announces the formation of Al-Masry to face Al-Ahly Bank in the league

Ali Maher, the coach of the Al-Masry Al-Port Said team, announced the formation of the team; In preparation for facing its counterpart, the National Bank, in the match that will be held today, Thursday, within the Egyptian League championship competitions. 

The formation was as follows:

Goalkeeper: Mahmoud Gad

&nbsp Defense: Karim El Iraqi, Amr Saadawi, Amr Moussa, Hussein El Sayed

Midfield: Mahmoud Hamada, Eze Emeka, Mido Jaber, Gilas Janawi

 Attack: Samir Fekri, Salah Mohsen

On the bench are:

Issam Tharwat, Mohamed Tariq, Amr Saadawi, Fakhr El-Din Ben Youssef, Hassan Ali, Hussein Faisal, Abdel-Rahim Daghmoum, and the junior Ahmed Abu Al-Fath Sharaf".< /p>

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