Find out which federations are most supported by the Ministry of Sports before the Paris Olympics

After 142 Egyptian male and female players have qualified so far for the 2024 Summer Olympics, scheduled to be held during the period from July 26 to August 11 in the French city of Paris.


< p>Reveals “Rosa Al-Youssef Gate” On the details of sports federations’ preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.


The Ministry of Youth and Sports, led by Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, and the Egyptian Olympic Committee, headed by Engineer Yasser Idris, continue to provide Support, support and motivation for sports federations and players, in order to achieve more medals in the Olympics, especially after Egypt succeeded in participating in the largest delegation in its history in the Paris Olympics and the number is still subject to increase.


< p>Learn about the top two federations that received financial support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports regarding preparation and equipment for the Olympics, which are: 


– The Egyptian Weightlifting Federation 


After the Egyptian Weightlifting Federation qualified 5 male and female athletes to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the Federation received an amount of 29 million pounds, in support of the Olympics.< /p>


The Egyptian Arms Federation, which qualified with 21 male and female players, 12 players, 9 starters and 3 reserves, and 9 female players, 9 starters and 2 reserves. To the Olympics, where it also received financial support amounting to 29 million pounds.


Learn about the federation that received the least financial support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports: 

< p> 

– The Egyptian Kayak and Canoe Federation 


The Egyptian Kayak and Canoe Federation received financial support amounting to 6 million and 250 thousand pounds, as only one athlete qualified for the Olympics, which is the Egyptian champion Sama Farouk, who qualified. To the Olympics for the second time in its history.


The Ministry of Youth and Sports revealed, during its meeting held the day before yesterday, Tuesday, at the Olympic Center in Maadi, that the total amount of government support for the preparation and qualification program For the Paris 2024 Olympics in 3 years, it reached 516 million pounds.


The meeting discussed the latest preparations of the Olympic Committee to participate in the Olympics, after Egypt became the most African and Arab country whose athletes qualified for the Olympics. The Paris 2024 Olympic Games.


Egyptian players continue to participate in official competitions while holding internal and external camps with the aim of obtaining complete technical and physical readiness in the optimal manner, in preparation for participating in Paris with the aim of achieving The greatest achievement, and he won the largest number of Olympic medals in the history of Egypt.


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